Sunday, August 2, 2009

Almost a year old!

Where did the last year baby girl is about to turn one year old! The last few months have been so fun. We went beach camping in June and Lucy loved being continually dirty--she worked hard to get this dirty!

We went camping with our friends--Kim, Tim and Evie. We didn't get a group picture, but I did get a picture of their little family.
After beach camping, we were able to have lots of family come and visit. We miss everyone and wish you were still here! The Sunderland family came over the 4th of July weekend...we went to the San Diego Zoo and Lucy enjoyed the petting zoo with everyone!

Dave's mom, Andrea, came for a visit from St. Louis. Lucy really enjoyed meeting her other grandma for the first time!
Dave, Lucy and I have enjoyed visiting the Wild Animal Park in the evenings after work. We went to the "Bubble Show" a few weeks ago and Lucy just loved playing with all the bubbles.

Summer is fun!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lucy and Evie--What Great Friends!

Lucy pushing Evie in the baby walker

Lucy and Evie looking out the window together

Catching up...

Lucy swinging at Moonlight Beach Park

Lucy and Evie playing at Moonlight Beach

Lucy riding the Rhrino at the wild Animal Park

Lucy has found her can now see her with her tongue stuck out all the time: when she's crawling, sitting in her high chair, playing with her toys, taking a bath, etc.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Enjoying Bath Time

Lucy sure enjoys her bath time! She would probably stay in the bath for hours if we let her.

Beach Time

The weather in San Diego this past week has been absolutely beautiful! We have had 2 beach days in just 4 days. It sure is nice living in San Diego!

On Wednesday, Lucy had her first "playdate" with Evie. Lucy and Evie seemed to enjoy the sunshine, sand, and water! Evie is 2 months old (she was born about 8 weeks premature) and is now 7 lbs and 4 oz. Lucy is exactly 13 lbs, but she looks like a giant next to Evie!

On Saturday, Dave, Lucy and I went to the beach again. Lucy definitely enjoys being in the sun!

Lucy Scooting Around in her Walker

Lucy has learned that she can get around on her own with the help of a walker. She now "walks" around our dining room and kitchen. She loves being able to move around and complains when we take her out of the walker. It is just amazing watching her get bigger!

Here is Lucy "talking" about being able to move around the kitchen!